Small town of Hindsville, Arkansas on July 15, 2015

Hindsville “en plein air”….and hot!papo4 papo8 papo7 papo6 papo3 papo5 jimvic papo2 sign


Rarebits from Bunny for July 15th in Hindsville


When ten PAPO people showed up at Hindsville AR. last Wednesday, they increased the population to 85!  Now that is what’s called “making a difference!”  Even if it was only for a day.
Hindsville is a teeny-tiny town off any beaten track or highway.  Actually highway 412 skirts the town about two blocks away.  And the idea of building a four lane highway thru the town would have been ludicrous – or maybe silly.  The town is picturesque; several buildings date from the early 1900’s.
We met in the lot across from the Valley Inn Café.  When Jim Goff and the Bunny arrived, host Jerry Plumlee was trying (almost unsuccessfully) to affix his PAPO sign to a stop sign.  Ah, there — he got it.  Soon after, Victor Parkerson pulled in.  Then came Steve Schneider.   And Judy Maurer.
Having previously painted the series of connected buildings (or “complex” as Jim called them) which consisted of the café, an empty store and (now) a Walmart Bank – Jerry decided to paint a small, quaint house tucked behind the red antique/farm supply building.  Talk about ludicrous – the big blue and white WALMART BANK sign on the front of a 1904 building. 
 Jim opted to sketch the “complex” before the sun caught up to him.  Bunny and Victor found chairs outside the café – and in the shade.  Then Roz and Harrison Ramey drove in, and decided the cooler side of the street was best.  Laverne Nelson parked and at first wasn’t going to stay ‘cause of immanent grandkid-sitting.  Oh, what the heck.  She, too, set up with the shady folk.  As did Kay Pickett.
About that time the sun had found Jim.  Both he and Jerry joined the out-of-the-sun group.  Jerry mentioned (for Jim’s ears only) that the café baked an out-of-this-world coconut cream pie.  (Heh-heh.)  Stealthily Jerry went inside the café and quickly came back with two pieces, quietly handing one to Jim.  (Just an appetizer.”)  While the rest of us were PAINTING! Tsk, tsk.
With the exception of Steve, who settled down near a church and painted a landscape, everyone else – more or less – zeroed in on the red antique and AT Smith farm supply store.  Laverne captured two men loading/unloading items.  And (unconnected) Victor decided to mix purple into his shadows {?}.  Around about 11 – 11:15 am, he suddenly closed shop, skedaddled across the street and stowed his stuff into his car.  Then came back and announced:  “LUNCH!”
So lunch it was.  Tammy, our waitress, let us know there were only two pieces of coconut cream pie left.  But also available for scarfing down were pecan and banana cream 
pies. Quickly Bunny claimed one piece of coconut cream and even took photos of the 2” high meringue.  Before it was inhaled.  Ah-Boo-Danza!!
Jerry, thank you for hosting our day at Hindsville.  And for making all the arrangements with the Valley Inn Café.  We promise not to tell what happened to that last piece of coconut cream pie.
C’mon Guys: do your very best to see our show at the IRWP building in Cave Springs.  A lot of our paintout sites are represented by our artists.  Beautiful!!  A very large THANK YOU goes to Becky Dunn for putting it all together.  You did a terrific job, Becky!
Directions:  off highway 49 take the Lowell Exit 7i8, AR-264 west to Cave Springs.  Drive about 4.6 miles.  You’ll come to a “T” crossing.  Turn right.  The IRWP building is immeadiately on the left.  The show continues thru September.
God bless,

PAPO Exhibit from July – Sept., at the Illinois River Watershed Partnership (IRWP)

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PAPO at the Windgate Art Gallery at the Watershed Learning Center!!
Art will be on display from July to September, 2015.  Artist pictured: Annetta Gregory, Julie Hayes, Jaquita Ball, Brenda Longworth, Roz Ramey, Sherry Portman, Cindy Ho, Elizabeth Smith.  Also not pictured are artist Becky Christensen, Becky Dunn, Faith Sawyer-Tindle, Bunny Hellweg, and Karolyn Farrell.

“Thank you Dr. Haak and IRWP so much for this opportunity for Plein Air Painters of the Ozarks to show our artwork and inform people about PAPO! Thank you also for your never-ending support of the arts and the environment! Plein Air Painters are nature lovers by heart!”, by plein air painter Becky Dunn, organizer for PAPO’s exhibit.

Rarebits from Bunny on June 24, 2015

                        CHANEY FARMS, WESLEY AR.
    If you’ve never been to the Chaney Farms, you’ve missed a treat.  Granted, last Wednesday was pret-ty warm and humid.  But 15 PAPO people and guests came out to enjoy the flowers, the graceful pre-Civil War home (built around 1857), the smokehouse, the panorama of woods, fields and distant hills and a building which the Chaney’s have turned into the Mockingbird Bed and Breakfast.
    Becky Chaney was there to welcome us all.  As was our paintout host Kay Pickett.  And yes, the Mockingbirds were out in full voice.
    By the time the Bunny arrived (late) quite a few cars lined the back yard.  John Dillingham, coffee cup in hand, called out “Hey Bunny, we were just talking about you!”  But he wouldn’t say what it was about.  Uh-oh.  Karolyn Farrell, and Natalie Olsen opted to paint in the flower garden.  Victor Parkerson  followed the shade around, trying to stay within it.  Steve Schneider settled in a spot which overlooked the aforementioned distant panorama.  He captured the vast sky and fields below very well. 
    The Tillerys, Carol and Mike drove in.  They live “just over yonder hill” near Elkins.  They brought their lovely granddaughter, Elaina, who had sewn her own loop-skirted Civil War era gown.  When she twirled around, Bunny caught a glimpse of not one but three petticoats!  (And in 90 degrees too!  Sigh –and some people long for the good ol. days).  The Tillery’s and Bunny decided to repose on the home’s front porch; Elaina on the swing, Carol and Bunny sketching and Mike reading.
    Roz and Harrison Ramey  checked in; Roz setting up in the garden whilst Harrison strolled the grounds.  He sat down on a tree swing. Little by little the rope stret-ch-ed, unraveled, split apart and down he want – ker-plunk.  Thank goodness the ground was rock-less.
    Julie Hays  bopped in, still grinning over her participation in last Saturday’s area Master Gardener Show in Bentonville.  Gardeners had made flower arrangements based on Julie’s paintings.  Neat!
    Annetta Gregory arrived.  She can be pleased with her chairmanship of last Saturday’s Artist’s of Northwest Arkansas “Art in the Park,” also in Bentonville.  Lots of browsers and many sales.  Bunny’s breath caught when she spied Annetta’s painting of – what else – a rabbit!
    Today Lisa Powell joined us.  First as a guest and during lunch – a member.  Welcome Lisa!  She’s a housemother at U of A.  (Best she not relay the story of when, years ago, she and other sorority pledges played tricks on the upper class sorority sisters.  Lisa called the water company, had them turn off the water for a couple hours in the morning.  Alas – they forgot about breakfast preparations.)  Yikes!
    As usual, just like clockwork, around 12 noon, Victor’s stomach announced it was lunch time.  Those within hearing distance began getting our art act together.
    Lunch was at Ms. B’s Bakery in Elkins.  A very cozy drop-in-for-lunch spot, Ms. B food selection looked very good.  And the bakery/dessert treats – oh my!  “So let’s eat dessert first,” Annetta announced.  Luckily no one paid attention – including her.  Many of us can attest to the quiche variety.  And the salads were mighty tasty.  Most (if not all) of us demonstrated that Ms’ B’s dessert treats – cupcakes, cookies, whole cakes, cream puffs, on and on – and Danish rolls of a variety of flavors – were consumed with great enthusiasm!
        KAY:   THANK YOU!!
                   What can we say?
                   You did it again
                   In your inimitable way!
                                You arranged it all.
                                You guided us too.
                                We had a great time
                                With Ms. B, Becky and You!
        God bless,

Rarebits from Bunny on June 17, 2015

 It must have been the forecast for rain rain rain that kept most PAPO-ites from last Wednesday’s paintout.  Humpf.  (That’s a word for being peevish, crotchety and – in other words – childish).  If you ask “What’s THAT all about?” the Bunny is just being cranky.  Blame it on the weather.  I do.
    Anyway, seven PAPO people DID show.  Eight counting Sherry Portman who joined us for lunch.  the aforementioned Bunny arrived at Tanyard Creek parking lot early.  And just when she wondered if the paintout was cancelled – here came host Cindy Ho.  In short order Roz Ramey appeared.  Then Brenda Longworth, Phil and Wanda Wright  and Jaq Ball.
    NO RAIN.
    Whilst most of the women schmoozed in the parking lot, Wanda decided to see what spine-tingling experiences awaited her beyond the asphalt.  Phil and Bunny also removed themselves to the pavilion to sketch.  Phil is really attached to a certain tree near the pavilion.  In bygone years he’s painted it in oil, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, pen and ink and colored pencil.  Today – once again – it’s graphite.
    Gear in hand, Roz, Cindy, Jaq and Brenda struck out for the wilds.  Around about 11 am it was – YES RAIN.  A steady shower for a few minutes and just enough to get everyone out in it, wet.
    Must relay to you a most fascinating conversation Phil and Bunny had.  And which carried over into lunch with the other victims — er, I mean – PAPO-eans:  have you Guys ever engaged in a really electrifying conversation concerning several invigorating subjects.  As in:
    1.  TEETH:  do you floss first, then brush – OR – brush first, then floss?
    2.  SOCKS AND SHOES:  do you put both socks on first, followed by both shoes – OR – one sock and one shoe followed by the other?
    And then there’s that most decisive question of them all:
    3  TOILET PAPER:  are you an over or under?
    I mean, these auspicious questions can make or break a relationship.
    O.K.  Before we get too philosophical – Let’s Eat.
    Cindy had made reservations at El Pueblito Restaurant in Bella Vista.  And eventually all but one of us appeared.  All but Brenda, who decided to get lost in the untamed roads of Bella Vista (which most of us have done at least once.  However Brenda was following misguided directions.)  She was HUNGRY, so she headed home.  Brenda, we’re sorry.  We missed you, girl.  Well Guys, several of you had recommended this eatery.  And you were right.  Food was good and plentiful; service was great.  And we were able to continue our stimulating conversation about – SEE ABOVE.  Without coming to fisticuffs too.
    Cindy, thank you for once again hosting a paintout this year.  (I think this must be number 27 – right?!)  Your choice of the restaurant was spot on; everyone enjoyed the tasty meals and the time to TALK.
    WE HAVE TWO WINNERS!!  In the recent White River Plein Aire Art Competition, two PAPO  People won ribbons:
        Becky Christianson won 1st place and Julie  Hayes won 4th place.   Our congratulations a bunch!
    P.S.  If there was any money involved, you can buy lunch next time! O.K.?
    God Bless,