Pizzas for the Painters at Frank’s Smokehouse

IMG_3788 IMG_3835 IMG_3843 IMG_3844 IMG_3864 IMG_3878 IMG_3874 IMG_3888 IMG_3886 IMG_3881  Frank is a good-hearted gentleman and greeted us as we drove into his place.  He was so kind to have us out, 15 total.
I believe Steven was the first one there and he and Frank struck up a great friendship and both are g00dcooks!  We may even get with Frank & Steven later this year for a smokin’ cajun cookout.  I loved it that Frank’s place is just around the corner from Fayetteville and yet nestled away in the wooded hill country of the Ozarks.  We enjoyed painting and really enjoyed pizza!
Frank had every topping imaginable for our individual pizzas!!  Frank placed them one at a time in a “hot” brick oven outdoors for 3 minutes, then out of the oven, perfect…and delicious!
After lunch we were given a tour of Frank’s home (cabin built by his dad).  Frank’s mother was a beautiful oil painter and we were so fortunate to see her work.  One was a portrait of Frank’s lovely wife. The cabin had the original fireplace that his dad built with it’s Ozark charm.  Thank you Laverne, for hosting our paint out!!


RareBits from Helen (Bunny) Hellweg on June 3

RareBits for Wednesday June 3, 2015

Downtown Siloam Springs AR.

A beautiful day, a light breeze, morning temps in the 70’s, not a cloud in that blue blue sky – and wasn’t it much appreciated and looked up at.

Seventeen PAPO people and guests were present at the paintout on June 3 in downtown Siloam Springs.  Eventually each answered as to what they painted.  And (drum roll here) the figures are in:   FIVE artists were besotted by lilies – any kind, any color.  Host Carol Roberts said “My stelladorras look like pansies!”  Cindy Ho “I’m in a Renoir mood” as she went for cannas and day lilies.  Guest Alta Ramsey, fell in love with purple  cannas.  Annetta Gregory zoomed in on tiger lilies.  Kay Pickett explained her painting of day lilies “I’ve captured the aura of Georgia O’Keefe.”  Wow.

Next came the FOUR PAPO-ites who were smitten by the downtown shops and buildings.  Victor Parkerson went for the sun and shadows on the shops on Main St.  Janis Gill Ward accomplished four small paintings of buildings, which she may turn into larger works.  What an artist!  Laverne Nelson painted the Broadway Café (she used the same colors so the owners didn’t object).  Gloria Pendry  captured the quaint “Crown Hotel” which some say was once a house of questionable repute.  But who listens to gossip.

Bridges beguiled TWO.  New member Liz Smith  (“There’s only a few thousand of us in the area”)  fancied  a bridge view with a nearby fountain.  (Welcome Liz!)  A bridge also attracted Becky Christenson.  Since water (usually) runs under a bridge – well, here are Jacquita Ball, who was enticed by the Falls of Sager Creek.  And Julie Hayes secured her falls in a lovey oil.  (Aw-w gee, I wanna’ get my feet wet.)

Then there those few who took a while to latch on to – well, SOMETHING.  Carol Tillery got out her trusty Rapidograph  pen to capture husband Mike.  (Which was appropriate as this day was their 46th wedding anniversary —  CONGRATS  KIDS!!)  Mike, after reading a bit, ever-so-slowly slipped into a snooze.  Roz Ramey was fascinated by a little turtle perched near a wall.  Along came grandpa turtle, who had been turtle-sitting.  Uh-oh.  Looked like grandpa was giving little turtle (a male of course) a talking to before coaxing him home.

Tummy grumbling said lunch to the Bunny who packed away her pencils.  Carol T. remarked “I don’t see Victor anywhere; he must be at the restaurant.”  (Carol R. had made reservations at the 28 Springs Restaurant, across from the park.  Really 28 springs??)  And, sho’ ‘nuff, there was Victor, knife and fork in hand and ready to bang on the table (“I wanna’ eat!”).  By two’s and three’s and four’s we arrived.  And by 2’s, 3’s and 4’s we ordered, we were served and we consumed.  Food was great, talk – with much laughter of course – was greater and company was the greatest.  And by golly, I think we can add this place to our “Restaurants We Are Allowed Back Into” file.  We had/did no mishaps or rowdiness, no roughhousing or monkeyshines, not even a zesty rootin’-tootin’.

Carol, thank you so much for choosing such a wonderful-blue-blue-sky day to be our host.  The weather was perfect and the turn-out was gratifying.  And the choice of 28 Springs Restaurant was spot-on.  (Gosh, even cloth napkins!).

God bless,


Siloam Springs, June 3, 2015

Title IMG_4420    IMG_4426

Plein Air Painters of the the Ozarks made it to the front page in the Siloam Sunday paper!  Carol Roberts, hosted our paint out in Siloam Spring Park on June 3.  We had another great turn out of papo members where we spread out painting the town, sager creek, and the park areas of Siloam Springs.  We also enjoyed a wonderful lunch at 28 Springs Restaurant!

Tillery’s Farm on May 27

We are so blessed to have Mike and Carol Tillery as our friends and Carol as our fellow artist in PAPO!  They were so kind to have us out to their farm and host our paint out!!  They always say “come on out anytime” and that is pretty rare these days!  Many of us took a hike around the farm area and took pictures because the beautiful sun came out this morning in May.   IMG_9288 IMG_3142 IMG_3166 IMG_3219 IMG_3236 IMG_3243 IMG_3273 IMG_3304 IMG_3284 IMG_9296 IMG_3267 IMG_3169

In memory of Tillery's family wolf-dog Trecker.

In memory of Tillery’s family wolf-dog Trecker.