Bunny’s Rarebits for May 20th

RareBits  for  May  20th
The Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks
By golly, Karolyn Farrell did it again.
[O.K.,  let’s have a little background music here (the music is swing with a tap dancing routine to get things going.]   An early morning cloud burst stormed in.  The gray threatening skies, along with some intermittent misty patter had Karolyn figuring
“There won’t be many that’ll show.”   And later:
“Probably only a few will show up.”
Fortunately some people didn’t get the word as 25 PAPO people and guests sashayed  in.  WOW!!
Be-bopin  early was the Bunny who took advantage of the quiet air to snooze a bit.  Karolyn arrived with homemade cinnamon muffins.  Then John Dillingham – who just had to have a muffin with his coffee.  Then Victor Parkerson with his snazzy rain hat and folding chair, came bopin in.  Karolyn provided a model for us:  Caroline Esch, a cute teen recently graduated from high school  — and ready for college.  Caroline was a flawless and adept model.  With Jerry Plumlee trumpeting and Brenda Longworth humming an Armstrong tune, the six of us set up under the lower white tents.   (The upper white tents were reserved for a kiddie, mama and papa program).
The music continued with the harmonic voices of Laverne Nelson, Julie Hayes, Annetta Gregory, Roz and Harrison Ramey and Kay Pickett.   Both Annetta and Kay found colorful poppies to paint (nope, none of the brown stuff was around).  The next couple to dance in was Barbara and Dan Evans.  As Dan swung Barbara around in a waltz step, she managed to show us a unique computerized photo Dan had made.
Gloria Pendry, humming a golden-oldie, completed an oil painting she had started at another Garden paintout.  A view that contained a small waterfall splashing down into a quiet pond rimmed with stones.  (Ahh, rocks – a calamity for some of us.)  Also making the scene were Carol and Mike Tillery,  whose musical tastes today ran to uplifting instrumentals.  But watch out: the Tillerys are ready for Dixieland!  Joan Ausburn and Jaquita Ball  had ragtime on their minds as they two-stepped in.
Music from the upper tents drifted down to us. ‘“Not I” said the rooster.  “Not I” said the mouse’ as the kids listened intently.  However we were not as absorbed as they.  Well, most of us weren’t. Victor’s shoes could be seen tappin’ in time with the music.  Soon enough he managed to say (loudly) “I’m  HUNGRY.”
Just as we were breaking for lunch (a little early to accommodate Victor) Joan Reynolds made the scene.  She decided to stay at the Gardens and paint.  If anyone stopped to talk with Karolyn this morning and had decided to join us for lunch – well, let’s just say, there wouldn’t nr any empty tables at La Hacienda Restaurant (where we would chow-down).  Karolyn asked friend Natalie Olsen  to join us while Karolyn’s newly-wed friends –  Berta and Louis begged off.  (Hey – they’re newly-wed .  What can I say?)
We rocked and rolled right into lunch at La Hacienda.  Some of us rolled better than others.  Caroline’s mother,  Liz Esch, and Laverne’s husband, Tal joined us.  What a lively and rockin’ group!
But durn, they didn’t have a dance floor!  So all we could do is raise our voices.  Well, not in song ‘cause we couldn’t agree on which song to sing.  We had to make do with talk and gossip and chatter and small talk and chit-chat and speech and scuttlebutt and nonsense and – oh yes – Hot Air!  Yep, you could see it’s puffy smoke wafting upward toward the ceiling.  Constantly.
God Bless.
Karolyn, thank you so much:
for making all the arrangements for us to once again enjoy the Botanical Gardens.  there is always so much to paint and we never run out of varied choices.
for providing our model, Caroline.  What a sweetie.
for bringing the muffins.  Sorry I didn’t get to them in time.  But I noticed that John and Victor were chomping away.
and for arranging our lunch at La Hacienda.  Good food with good friends.

Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks on May 20

Showers in the morning and then painting in mid-morning at the beautiful Fayetteville – Botanical Gardens!!  We had over 25 show up to enjoy painting en plein air the gardens or a portrait of a lovely young model.  It was a good day!

IMG_2508 IMG_2509 IMG_2546 IMG_2494 IMG_2443 IMG_2529 IMG_2550 IMG_3106 IMG_3105 IMG_3104 IMG_3107 IMG_3109 IMG_3110 IMG_2437

Sassafrass Springs Vineyard on May 13

First paint out at the Sassafrass Springs Vineyard on May 13!  http://www.sassafrasspringsvineyard.com

Artists showed up on a scattered rainy day and found plenty of beautiful places to paint.  Umbrellas came out when the rain started up again but we didn’t stop painting.  Then the sun came out and it was lovely!  Our host and artist, Laverne Nelson, had a table outside waiting at noontime where we enjoyed the spirit of being together!  We look forward to a second time out to the vineyards again.  Thank you Cheryl with Sassafrass Springs Vineyard for making this a wonderful experience for PAPO!IMG_2909 IMG_2918 IMG_2922 IMG_2927 IMG_2928 IMG_2950 IMG_2951 IMG_2961 IMG_2960 IMG_2963 IMG_2969 IMG_2965

Runnel’s City Farm and Rarebits on May 5th

Rarebits for May 5, at Bonnie Runnels Home
    “Neither rain nor snow nor sleet will keep us from our appointed paintout at Bonnie Runnels home.”
    So sayeth 16 PAPO People who ventured forth in a downpour, on May 5, to spend a soggy morning with Bonnie.  Ann Powers and the Bunny were the first to arrive and –Uh-Oh! – no cars!  (Was it cancelled due to the rain?)  “Of course not.  There’s all kinds of covered porches – besides the studio – to paint in,” said our host.  Anticipating that a lot of us would roost inside because of the weather,  Bonnie had put many of her dazzling flowers into vases, as subjects for us to paint.
    Next to arrive was Kay Pickett, the “what’s a little rain” lady;  then Victor Parkerson, showing and telling about his latest quick sketches in watercolor and ink.  Quick and skilled.   Oil painters,  Carol Roberts and Ann, whose style showed their impressionistic mind-set,  decided to concentrate on the flowers. Steve Schneider preferred to camp out near a shed – precip included.  Roz and Harrison Ramey drove in; Harrison gladly accepting a cup of coffee while Roz took her coffee and headed to the back forty.  Gloria Pendry was determined to knuckle down and finish a painting she began last year at Bonnie’s.  And she did – an excellent scene of several flowering bushes.  Julie HayesLaverne Nelson and Becky Dunn checked in and headed out to find the spots they needed to depict. 
     Joanne Ausburn arrived and set up inside the studio.  Bunny (who managed to scrawl only a few more lines on her cowboy drawing) began yawning – and Joanne joined in.  The dark sky, the cozy studio and the soft rain cast a spell.  Brahms Lullaby on the stereo helped also.  Z Z Z Z z….
    By this time the wet stuff had begun to run down.  KarolynwithaK Farrell,  using only her Bic, did a commendable job of drawing a portion of the Runnels gardens.  She also reported that we now have a “Sheep Whisperer” in our midst.  She tried to take a photo of the Runnels sheep.  Along came Victor, who with just a few quiet words, got the sheep to line up – noses forward.  Magic!
    About 11:30 Bonnie “I’m just beginning to bring out these salad bowls – you don’t need to stop painting.”  Yeah, right.  Each bowl needed to be peeked into.  (Even tho’ Carol was painting just next to the food table, she was slowly caving in.)  From “I’ll just fix a salad or two” to potato salad, green lettuce salad, chicken pasta salad and corn black-eyed peas, bean salad – plus.   Also,  Karolyn brought olives and bread, Carol brought chips and dips and Bunny brought brownies.  Whew!  Coming in from the boonies were Becky Christensen and John Dillingham to join  the hungry crew.  What a treat!!
    Bonnie:  once again you have surpassed yourself.  we all want to thank you for the scrumptious meal you prepared and served to us hungry and very very grateful PAPO people.  We deeply appreciate the time, effort and work that went into such a feast.
    As the –so very true — saying goes:
                        “If you feed them – they will come.”
God Bless,
DSC_4301 DSC_4303 DSC_4322 DSC_4330 DSC_4336 DSC_4375

Bunny’s Rarebits from April 29, 2015

Rarebits of April 29 ~
  Can you believe last Wednesday morning, early?  — temps were in the mid 40’s!    Holy Cow, it’s the end of April – but it feels like March – or February even!  So, of course the Bunny piled on three (or was it 33) layers.  You would have thought all that fur would be a good insulator – but she’s become a skochee “humanized.” Only just.   With Ann Powers chauffeuring, they drove to Crystal Bridges Museum and a PAPO paintout.  After several days (weeks?) of overcast, gray and rainy days, and cool temps, the sky woke up to a beautiful clear blue.  Wow!  sure good to see that sun again.  Makes one wonder how people live in continual rainy weather:  Seattle for instance.  I suspect it’s for the same reason we live in tornado country.  In spite of …
    At the museum parking lot we met Jaquita Ball  and Vicky Fisher  and all of us decided to roll ourselves and our stuff down to the lower level.  Where, lo and behold, sat Victor Parkerson.  With an almost completed watercolor.  When Jim Goff  asked him how long he’d been there, Victor, never pausing, said “Oh I think I got here around 5.”  (He expected to get at least one more finished.)
    A couple of steps away was Cindy Ho.  Since we were host-less today, Cindy graciously stepped in and became our KEEPER for the day.  (Yep, we definitely need one.)   Cindy introduced Steve Schneider to everyone, who officially became a member during lunch.  Sorry Steve, dues does not include lunch.  Yep, it’s been tried before.  Sherry Portman recognized an unusual orangy-coppery-color blooming azalea bush called Golden Harvest – so out came the cameras.
Carol and Mike Tillery arrived and decided to explore.  Annetta Gregory, Jaquita, Ann, Sherry, Steve, Jim and Bunny worked within hollering distance of each other.  Bunny was sketching, from photos, an old-timey cowhand.  She happened to look up and –whoa – there was the statue of a grinning (grimacing) “Vaquero.”  (Sculpted by Louis Jimenez).   Is that what they mean by “karma” or maybe just coincidence?  Hey, weren’t those school kids that came by a dee-light?  Wish they could’ve/would’ve been able to stop, watch us and ask questions.  Passing comments ranged from “Pretty.”  “What is it?”  “Wow!” and “That’s ugly!” !!!
     Meanwhile, back at the ranch – er, museum, it was chow time.  Annetta, Becky Dunn and Cindy had some great art happening and wanted to keep the moment going, so they continued to paint.   Victor earlier had packed up, ate an early lunch and then saw the latest art show – “Van Gogh to Rothko.”  Both he and Roz Ramey joined us at the lunch table. In the restaurant/cafeteria we pushed tables together. Talked.  Ordered our lunches.  Talked.  Sat, waiting for our food to be delivered.  And talked.  The decibel level rose accordingly.  Our informative, breath taking comments on our own art work today ranged from “Eh,” accompanied by a hand wiggle-waggle.  To:  “I’ll have to work on it at home.  To:  “Well, it’s a start anyway.”  T:  “Heck, I brushed out the whole thing!”
    Ain’t art fun ?
God bless us all.   wlEmoticon-bunny[1].png