Beautiful day at Crystal Bridges, April 29th

Our day was a pretty one painting at Crystal Bridges Museum grounds.  We had a dozen PAPO artist show up to paint and enjoy time in the museum cafe for lunch.  Some us went in to see Van gogh to Rothko Exhibit that is here through June 1st.

PAPO artist have been invited to paint “en plein air” on Saturday, May 9th, at Crystal Bridges Garden Party!  This is to celebrate National Public Garden Day!!IMG_2461 IMG_2467 IMG_2473 IMG_2465 IMG_2482 IMG_2492 IMG_2496 IMG_2497 IMG_2524 IMG_2478 IMG_2517


A Morning with Carl Judson, CEO of Guerrilla Painter, on April 24th

PAPO had 8 members show up at Bentonville’s The Station Cafe to meet with Carl Judson. It was a really nice time to visit with each other and let Carl share a slide show of plein air paintings from well known to newer artist. After a good breakfast & coffee we went out to Carl’s “art mobile” van which has been all over the country to SHOP! Gentleman John let the ladies go first and we were having lots of fun buying Carl’s great deals on art supplies. What fun to see new plein air painters buy their first Guerrilla painters box, paint, brushes, hats, umbrella, and painter’s chair with wheels!!! Pretty wonderful morning so THANK YOU Carl for taking a trip to Bentonville, not only to see Crystal Bridges Museum but to meet with PAPO! Safe travels and God Bless you!

John Dillingham, Vicki Fisher, Julie Hayes, Cindy Ho, Sherry Portman, Laquita Phillips, Leslie Newman, with Carl Judson at The Station Cafe, Bentonville, AR

John Dillingham, Vicki Fisher, Julie Hayes, Cindy Ho, Sherry Portman, Laquita Phillips, Leslie Newman, Roz Ramey (not shown) with Carl Judson at The Station Cafe, Bentonville, AR


Happiness is shopping for plein air art supplies!

Happiness is shopping for plein air art supplies!


Bunny’s Rarebits for April 22

On a gray, overcast, looking-like-it’ll-rain-any-minute and cool morning – 18 – yes 18 – PAPO people and guests met at Withrow Springs State Park, near Huntsville.  Comments on the marginally yucky weather ranged form:
    Kay Pickett:  “A little moisture can’t keep me away.”
    Judy Maurer:  “Hey, I’ll just move under a tree.”  (Or into the dandy motorhome she drove).
    Catherine Totten:  “Ditto Judy and the motorhome.”
    Gloria Pendry:  “Heck, I can get two paintings finished in this weather!).
    Husband Lynn Pendry:  “And she did!”
    John Dillingham joined the Pendrys at a water-flowing fissure in the hillside that fed into the fishing pond.  The picturesque pond also drew Laverne Nelson and Annetta Gregory.  Spunky Jaquita Ball brought pastels and managed to miss the sporadic rain drops.  She kept telling herself  “It’s not raining; it’s just a heavy dew.”
    Hosts Cindy Ho and Sherry Portman had arrived earlier.  Cindy directed her sparkling eyes and winning smile to the powers that be, to open up the pavilion at lunch time.  Go girl.  The Tillerys, Carol and Mike, pulled in.  Mike went off to commune with plants and people.  And just as Carol and the Bunny began to set up, the wet stuff started.  The two wusses skedaddled to Cindy’s car.  Hands warmed around cups of hot tea and tummies quieted with an infusion of chocolate animal crackers (available at WallyWprld in the cookie section).  Whilst enjoying the scuttlebutt, it was decided that they could forget sketching today.  Leslie Newman and new member Becky Christenson arrived.  Welcome!  
    It was lunchtime and everyone drove to the now-opened pavilion.  Joining us was new member Roz Ramey and husband, Harrison.  Welcome Guys.  Just in time too ‘cause Sherry had made scrumptious chicken salad sandwiches.  And coconut cookies drizzled with chocolate.  Cindy brought bags of chips, water and chocolate chip cookies.  Lots of “yumms” all around.  You know the food must have been excellent and much appreciated,  as all we heard was the sound of chewing.  As a fitting end to our paintout and as we headed out the door, Cindy had everyone singing (a cappella, of course) – “Raindrops keep falling on my head.”  Which was happening as we sang.
    Thanks so-o-o very much to Sherry and Cindy for being our hosts for today.  Even with the scuzzy weather,  you garnered a good turnout.  You Guys did an excellent and thorough job.  Now if we could only learn how to sing ‘on key’!
God bless,

Withrow Springs State Park on April 22, 2015

We had to get our umbrella’s out this morning and endure the colder weather for this paint out.  The good news is we had 15 or so show up and had a wonderful time together in the enclosed pavilion for lunch!  Sherry and Cindy had lunch all ready as the papo members came inside to thaw out.  Sherry’s chicken salad on croissants and coconut macaroons were delicious ~ thank you ma’am!!IMG_2327  IMG_2293 IMG_2277IMG_2291 IMG_2275 IMG_2279 IMG_2315 IMG_2342IMG_2296 IMG_2272 IMG_2304  IMG_2324

Illinois River Watershed in Cave Springs/April 15, 2015

We enjoyed a quiet and lovely morning after a morning rain painting at the Illinois River Watershed Partnership, (IRWP) in Cave Springs, Arkansas.  We toured their fantastic Learning Center and also viewed an exhibit of paintings by artist John Lasater, who teaches plein air painting workshops throughout United States.  Our host, Becky Dunn, was so kind and brought out a delicious picnic lunch – along with homemade cookies from Carol Tillery!  We thank IRWP for having us out to paint!!!  Check out their website:  http://www.irwp.orgIMG_2178IMG_2075IMG_2128IMG_2170IMG_2117IMG_2109IMG_2122IMG_2145IMG_2152IMG_2157

Rarebits from Bunny April 8


RareBits for April 8
    Seventeen PAPO people and guests made the scene (doesn’t that sound so 1970-ish?) at out first paintout on April 8.  We helped keep the Bentonville Square bouncein’, as most of us set up right there.  We attracted lots of oogle-ers and kibitzers.  For once the Bunny arrived first.  That’s ‘cause she wanted a nearby parking spot; it gets pretty dicey later on.  John Dillingham walked in, chatted and set up his easel under a nearby tree (the better to keep out of a wayward sun).
    Yep, the day was absolutely glorious.  And we have host Erika Nelson to blame – er, thank, for it.  So thanks Erika!  You must have a special pipeline.
    The Wrights, Phil and Wanda skipped in.  Phil immediately began sketching the fountain, the statue commemorating the War Between The States (suthin, you know) and tulips tulips tulips.  Red, yellow, pink, white, yellow rimmed with red and vice-ee/ver-see.  All dazzling in the sunlight.  Just when Brenda Longworth figured the light was about right, a cloud appeared.  A pesky breeze had her hanging on to her wonderfully floppy hat whilst her other hand held her paint brush whilst her other hand steadied her easel.  Me thinks the cool breeze also kept Brenda from gamboling in the fountain.  (Brenda is part of our infamous waterbabies group.
    Kay Pickett began her oil painting of the stores across from her.  Later on, she was a victim of that frisky breeze; it lifted her palette right out of her hand and slammed it into the street.  The asphalt now has been christened with a blob of yellow paint.  Traffic was delayed as Kay “I’m so chintzy, I started scraping up the paint!”  The Bentonville Square now has a lasting memento of our PAPO visit.  Wow!  Such a terrific remembrance.  Just think:  one day we can say to our grandchildren “See – PAPO was here!”
    The oil painters:  Sherry Portman, brushing the tulips into her canvas.  Julie Hayes, capturing in paint an unusual type of tulip that opened like a rose and had spotted green leaves.  Annetta Gregory, catching each different-colored tulip in her painting.  Cindy Ho, who introduced everyone to Vicky Fisher.  They became acquainted at a dog park.  Cute dog, Vicky!
    Becky Dunn began her painting by first sketching her view of what else? – fountain, statue and tulips.  she had barely begun to paint when her stomach began growling.  (Becky’s husband was just released from the hospital, after suffering a heart attack).  Karolyn Farrell (with husband Don) began a pen and ink montage of the buildings on the square.  VERY nice Karolyn.  Leslie Newman appeared and then dis.  Where goest thou Leslie?!  Vicky was joined by her painting friend Cheryl Hall.  Welcome to you both.
    Lunch was at the Flying fish Restaurant, just off the square.  Featuring – FISH!  (Note:  Wing Ho accompanied us to the restaurant.  Everyone else sat at tables for four.  Wing, a dedicated fish aficionado, had a four person table all to himself – and a feast of at least seven dishes to try.  Woo-wee!  His eyes popped and his grin lit up the room.  At last sight he’d consumed them all!)  It sure was a lunch for fish lovers.  But there’s always one:  when Bunny ordered a hamburger, the cook almost quit.  Opps!  Thank goodness there was plenty of noise to cover his meretricious mutterings (ain’t that a tawdry word).
    Thank you Erika for hosting today.  By the way, in your oil painting of the statue, the fountain and (of course) the tulips you used some brilliantly colored washes.  Hope you bring the finished work to another paintout – the beginning is fantastic!
    God bless,