RAREBITS by Helen “The Bunny” Hellweg
June 26, 2013
Home of Cindy and Wing Ho, Bella Vista

If you ever want to meet two very nice people (and who doesn’t!) –- I know a great pair that I and (as of June 26) 19 other people can recommend. They are (drum roll and trumpets blaring, please) –- Cindy and Wing Ho. They were our PAPO hosts this past Wednesday in Bella Vista. What swell people. They opened their home, their yards, and their boat to us. And if you got to their home early enough (8 a.m.) you could go for a boat ride.

Glenn Benson, Joanne Ausburn, Brenda Longworth, Sherry Portman (welcome Sherry!) and John Dillingham’s cutie granddaughter – and budding artist – Hannah went, piloted by Cindy. She even wore the Captain’s hat, just to make it official. Of course, that meant these brave souls had to walk down 100 steps to the boat on Lock Lomond. (Which wasn’t bad. But wait for the kicker.) Afterwards, hopefully, they kept their fun boat ride in mind, as they climbed back up those 100 steps.

The rest of us wusses were content to sit or stand and paint or draw. When the Bunny arrived, she heard a guitar being played and figured it was a teenager (?). Actually it was Victor Parkerson plucking away on Wing’s guitar (a teen in spirit, anyway). Carol and Mike Tillery brought their granddaughter, Elaina, to model for us. Victor dashed off at least two complete watercolors of her, whilst the Bunny nit-picked her way thru one drawing. I know, I know, persnickety. Glenn meanwhile did two very effective drawings of an artist on the walkway amongst the surrounding woods, using a white pencil on light blue paper. Jim Goff sat on the dock and drew the water, the boats, the trees, the people on the boats, what they were having for lunch, etc.

From the other side of the hill came Phil and Wanda Wright. Phil got busy kibitzing with others and Wanda managed to get a few photos before the heat and humidity got too much (90 degrees plus – at least). It was good to again see Gloria Pendry, who painted in front of the house, and Annetta Gregory, who took multiple shots of the gorgeous red velvet flowers on a mandevilla (sp?) plant. Audrey Grothe arrived, smiled, said “HI!” and immediately set up to paint.

Victor’s house guest, Bob Pariseau, a fellow artist from Florida, brought pastels. Well, we have to question whether Bob really is from Florida; he wasn’t wearing a Ron Jon tee-shirt. Not like some other Floridian we know. Ah – remembering Florida, especially in the Summer What am I saying!? Today we ran a close second with our humidity and high temps.

Speaking of guests, John’s granddaughter, Hannah, is continuing in her grandpa’s steps (pretty big shoes to fill!) Not only does Hannah have John’s eyes and smile, she loves to paint – anytime, anywhere.

With all those growling stomachs setting up a chorus, we didn’t even have to announce it was LUNCH TIME! Not only did Cindy make us feel so very welcome – she fed us too! Made to order sandwiches with ham, chicken, cheese, and a gargantuan fresh fruit bowl. All the condiments, chips, soda, iced tea, and sponge cake bites. WOW!! The Bunny provided brownies of course (PAPOites here: Thanks, Bunny!). And if you’ve never seen a kitchen/dining area after PAPO people have scarfed down food – you are missing something quite – (well, I won’t say it’s as bad as ‘catastrophic’. More like – ‘overwhelming’). It’s really, well, on the road to ‘disaster-ville’. You’ll see it again at the next PAPO brown-bag-in-home meal. Don’t miss it!

Cindy and Wing: what can we say? Except a massive THANK YOU! — from our hearts to yours. You made us feel so-o welcome to your home and your thoughtfulness in every way spoke to us all.

God bless.

Karolyn Farrell, you’re in our thoughts and hearts. We hope you are feeling much better soon.