RAREBITS for July 11, 2012

RAREBITS by Helen “The Bunny” Hellweg
Home of Cindy and Wing Ho, Bella Vista
July 11, 2012

HA! The weatherman predicted temps were going to be cooler this week. C’mon . . . OK, so it was “only” in the mid to high 90’s instead of the over 100 temps we’ve been so vastly enjoying. But you know what? Even with the heat/humidity, sixteen PAPO people and guests were at Cindy and Wing Ho’s house in Bella Vista on July 11.

Out host, Cindy, took the early-arrivers (8 am-ers) on a pontoon ride around Lake Lomond. Enjoying the ride were Annetta Gregory, from Siloam Springs yet, John Dillingham and granddaughter/budding artist Hannah, Glenn Benson, who probably arrived at 7 a.m. and Brenda Longworth, from Stella Missouri. Not enjoying the 100 steps up from the lake were Annetta, John, Hannah (who acquired a good-size splinter in her hand) Glenn, and Brenda. Cindy was out of breath, too.

The rest of us pokey, draggy, sleepy-headed slugs figured 9 a.m. was early enough. After making a square with his fingers, sighting different views using his hand as a tube and finally getting out his viewfinder, Victor Parkerson decided to paint the Ho’s entryway (stick with white please). Jim Goff huffed and turned around to paint a scene across the road — from the middle of the street. We still don’t know whether it was fortunate there wasn’t any traffic.

Wanda Wright braved the 100 steps to get photos of the artists and the lake; husband Phil was under the weather and not present. OK, Phil, vacation is over. Joe Meyer and Millie Boothe took advantage of some of the landings on the infamous stairway and began painting from them. We couldn’t figure out where Linda Cassidy ended up. But you remember PAPO people and water. Just because she was wet and her shoes squished when she walked, Linda solemnly crossed-her-heart and said she did not skinny dip. (She just dove in with her clothes on.)

Above it all and ensconced on the shady and plant-filled deck, sitting and enjoying a spot of tea, The Bunny got out her drawing supplies. The very welcome iced tea was provided by Cindy.

Just before lunch, Karolynwithak Farrell dropped in to say “Hi” to all; husband Don wasn’t about to leave the AC cool car. When Brenda arrived for lunch, everyone oohed and aahed over her cute little wooden paint box. It’s just big enough to hold supplies and a wet 5 x 7 canvas. Pretty neat, huh? Almost everyone brought their brown-bag lunch. For those who didn’t (and for some who couldn’t resist) Cindy, ever the host, made sandwiches. Gotta’ tell you — she’s a great asset! She also presented her bountiful fresh fruit salad, The Bunny chimed in with triple-chocolate brownies and the deck was set for a satisfying “Chow Down!”

Cindy and Wing, thank you so much for your boundless hospitality. For being our parking directors. For the luscious fruit salad and the endless iced tea. And especially for your kindness in welcoming us PAPO people. Good company and good talk. Thank you.

God bless.

Tidbit: “Thank you, Bunny, for your famous brownies. Delish!”