Please note the change from that printed in PAPO Newsletter/Schedule for next week’s, June 20, paintout. Paintout at Gardens of Cookie Parish will be on July 27. Thanks!

Paintout – June 20, 2012, 9 a.m., Shiloh Museum, 118 W. Johnson Avenue, Springdale, 479-750-8165.  Hosted by Jim Goff, cell 479-531-3542

Shiloh, a settlement and church established in the 1840s, was Springdale’s original name. Shiloh took its name from a village of the same name in the Old Testament which was a safe haven for the Israelites and where the Ark of the Covenant was kept for a time. In 1872 when Shiloh made an application for a post office, it was learned that another town in Arkansas already existed with that name. Postal rules prohibited two post offices with the same name and changed the name to Springdale for the many springs that supplied water to the valley.

From I-540 take Elm Springs Road exit and go east (the street name changes to Huntsville Avenue), cross 71-B, turn right onto N. Shiloh, turn left onto W. Johnson. The Museum is on the left.

Lunch: Spring Street Grill, 101 N. Spring Street