Paintout at Tanyard Creek

Judy painting “green” at Tanyard Creek today.

Bunny soaking up the sun so the rest of us could stay cool. 🙂

My (John D) location on Tanyard Creek, enjoying the shade and the cool.


RareBits by The Bunny

RAREBITS by The Bunny

Rocky RidgeHorse Ranch

May 23, 2012

“I know where it’s at; I’m just taking a short cut.” Ah yes, decisive, famously famous words. Usually spoken by a man. Why? ‘Cause that’s the way it is, was, and will always be. Actually, Jim and Margie Goff, Phil and Wanda Wright and The Bunny arrived only 5 minutes and 27 seconds (Margie was counting) past 9 a.m. at the Rocky Ridge Horse Ranch on Wednesday, May 23. Guys, we really didn’t get VERY lost. And amazingly, at least to the women in the car, our driver even stopped and asked for directions. After just a little harassing.

Colorful flowers, old, retired ranch and farm implements, tire swings hanging from huge old trees, barns, outbuildings, a lovely home with swimming pool, and pool house. The 150 acres are owned by Jerry and Barbara Orr.

Jim began a sepia tone brush drawing of an old tractor: “What can I say; I love old farm machinery.” Victor Parkerson quickly set up to paint the barn. (Stick with brown, Victor). Laverne Nelson and John Dillingham began to paint Victor painting the barn. Judy Maurer was tempted to paint Laverne and John painting… well, you get the idea. Cindy Ho, fresh from a three-day pastel workshop with Charles Peer, once again ended up painting at ground level. Linda Cassidy and Gloria Pendry (Yo’ to you both!) were painting on site out of sight.

Everyone wondered where our host Millie Boothe went. Wanda followed the sounds of splashing and shrieking and there she was — skinny dipping in the pool. “Hey, that water kept calling to me — ‘Milly…Mil-lee-e…jump in Millie!’ So, of course…”

Brenda Longworth decided to ‘tackle’ a difficult subject. . . the horse did quiet down somewhat, once Brenda picked herself up from the dirt and bridled him. “Nice horse-ee.” Leslie Newmanset up her easel in the shade and proceeded to paint, not just one, but two canvases. And, by golly, instead of joining us for lunch, she decided to go for three!

Lunch was at Ruby Tuesday’s in Bentonville. We were seated at a lo-o-ong table smack in the middle of all the booths and other tables. Wasn’t that nice: now we could entertain everybody around us. As usual, we kept the joint jumpin’. While most of us were consuming vast quantities from the fabulous garden salad bar, Victor, Jim, and Phil sat and glowered menacingly. Finally, Jim asked our perky waitress how his “air hamburger” was coming along. Have you ever seen anyone smile and clench his teeth at the same time? It’s fascinating to watch. Especially when you can see their jaws become rigid. Everyone was so happy when we left, they couldn’t hold the doors open any wider for us. So accommodating, aren’t they.

Millie, thank you so much for introducing PAPO to the Orrs and to Rocky Ridge Horse Ranch. So many great subjects and beautiful scenes to enjoy and paint. I imagine it’s magnificent in the Fall. Yep, that’s a hint.

P.S. And we’re so glad you enjoyed your dip in the pool!

God bless.

The Bunny

Paintout – May 30

Tanyard Creek Nature Trail, Lancashire Boulevard, Bella Vista

Hosted by Charles Harrington, 479-381-9429

Lots of painting options: water, bluffs, waterfall, gravel bars, bridges, etc.

Approaching Bella Vista (from the 540/71 South) at Town Center exit at Hwy 340 (Lancashire Blvd), turn left and continue 1 miles, turn left on Nature Trail Lane. Park in lot on right.

Lunch: Gusano’s Pizza